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My birthday is in mid May, which happens to coincide with graduations and finals and all kinds of fun college things. I historically kept it pretty low key and maybe had a small party with friends. Kait asked if I had anything in mind. It's just another day, honestly. It's just What if we made it a day to remember for you? I mean, you only turn 21 once, right?

I had to take the risk. I threw some cash on the table and got up, leaving the change for the sexy waiter. Then there will be some who find it to be an incredible turn-on. I am one of the latter. After the morning sex with Jill, it was not easy to go back to work and concentrate on design and form beyond her petite enchanting body. I had retreated to my office with views out the front of the house instead of hanging around sneaking peeks at the pool in the back of the house.

I found a handwritten note on In college, I dated this guy named Reggie.

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Reggie was a cool dude, but he never left me alone. As big as his dick was, he was that annoying and paranoid.

Reggie had a bad habit of accusing my friend Cameron of trying to fuck me. First off, Cameron was gay. He did nothing but talk about all the big white dicks there are in the world. Secondly, Cameron was white.

Saturday 16th June Malcolm led my tired-looking wife out of the door from the little room where he and the other three black guys had fucked Jill for four and a half hours, and then the screen went blank. With the screen now blank, suddenly the bedroom where Veronica and I were lying seemed a very quiet and empty place.

I knew it the second you left.

Already, the brightest stars were visible and soon the whole expanse of sky would be black and thousands of stars would sparkle overhead as in the most ancient of days.

Sy looked up to the heavens and wondered about time so immense and distances so vast the human mind could scarce comprehend it. The logical She said it less like a petulant teenager, and more like a jilted lover. As the weeks in April wound down, I started to notice a profound confidence in my new partner, as if fulfilling her lesbian desires finally brought out something buried deep inside the shy girl who once stumbled her way through an awkward confession after class.

Was her Zach was on the interstate, making his six-hour drive home from college for the summer. At college he could do as he pleased-party, stay out all night, raise hell, get drunk, whatever he wanted at any I hold the phone in front of my face, watching you. It never takes long.

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As her lips wrapped around him once more he threw his head back in pleasure and groaned through his clenched jaw. He was in love with the way she sucked cock. Even if he couldn't stand being around her anymore, and she made a great toy for his use. It never crossed his mind that she was only for his use, but that's what made her such a great whore.

It was her partly her sluttiness that Okay, I am ready. Hold on. Jayne turned the knob to find Amber and Nick smiling like they had been caught doing something.

She was very nicely dressed in a navy business suit with nylons and pump shoes.

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Or with a girl? I shrugged. We were sitting in my living room. I was on the couch.

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Wendy sat across from me in an armchair. We were halfway through a bottle of wine. For two months, we had been meeting up to fuck. When I met her, she was a bored soccer mom who wasn't satisfied with her married life.

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On the day after my roommate, Tonia and I watched each other masturbate, I went for a very long swim in the campus pool. Swimming was my usual form of exercise and relaxation.

That morning, I swam the most laps that I had done since I stopped training for competition.

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When I emerged from the pool, exhausted but relaxed, I sat on the edge for a while catching my breath. The swim had calmed I hated her for it. Flight attendant arrives home to find her husband in a mood to show her off to his friends. I am a real flight attendant for a major US airline but what you wouldn't know from your flight with me is that I am also an addicted exhibitionist.

My husband knows this and has, for the most part, supported me in acting out my exhibitionist fantasy on my airline layovers. I told him early on in our relationship that I had an exhibitionist compulsion that, instead of looking for a cure, I Andy left Candice while he asked the management about their facilities and how he could use them. Client number two was still talking avidly to his companions. Was he telling them? Candice nodded to the barman to top up her wine with sparkling water and drifted over to a vacant table, hoping it was close enough What has upset you?

Once there, Jen and Sam had been together since junior high school and neither had been with anyone else when they married right out of school. That had been twenty years ago. A few years into the marriage, Sam had a vasectomy.

Sam liked a gamble and Jen I joined a rural volunteer fire station in NW Arkansas about a year and a half ago. Last month Jake, a new member, joined our small volunteer department. He was a The one thing I ask is that you both cum on me on my face, in my mouth, on my tits whatever.

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We got a table right away and split an entire pitcher of margaritas as we ate. Both Cathy and I were more than a bit tipsy as we left the restaurant. Read more. So where to begin? I am one of the people who is working despite this virus. I am working cause my job never closes and I have residents to look after. My plans with the wife was flipped over due to this outbreak. We had planned to go to Miami for a vacation. It was a must need time for us both. The marriage has suffered due to my job and health issues with the wife.

This little trip was meant to light the fire in the bed too. That all changed with the outbreak. But not all the plans were off, instead of Miami, we head to her parents place in the mountains.

What I hope your about to read is a true story.


I am writing it in a sort of goodbye to her and share the memories we shared. It all started via a friend who told me about a website for singles that was free. I think it was called American Singles which had been deleted and changed probably a few times over by now.

My life to that point was regimented and boring by most standards. Work, golf, a few trips to the bar, the club and what ever came up. I dated some and had quite a few good times but none ever lasted.

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My belief is it takes a long time to really learn about someone. And it all boils down to one thing. For years when I was only curious about men and watching gay porn I would totally love watching guys eating cum for each other. That desire only intensified when I started eating my own cum. It was Saturday morning and I was sure routines would change so I was under no illusions that I would see Shaz or Lucy over the weekend.

I slipped on my robe and headed for the kitchen to make some coffee, I pulled the blind up allowing the morning sun to filter through, another nice weekend in store. Sorry this story is so long. Every time I am at the end,I find more to add.

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This is the last part. When Barbara again return to the party, she stayed topless, since most of the women were and it didn't offend anyone.


Also she she wore only the wrap that she had covering her bikini bottom earlier, she also kept my load deep in her which was slowly running down her leg, bus she didn't care, it was her mans cum.

I then saw Bella, she was off to the side out of view of most and had Denise licking the cum I left on her tits.

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Introduction: Lida is now fully owned by Leo and will do whatever he wants. We arrived back after our lovely break and spent the night at our house having great sex. The next day Sunday I took her back to Leo who was pleased to see her he told her to make us a coffee and we sat down to drink it, when she was finished Leo told her take her skirt and top off, then he run his hands all over her and said she need a shave, he said Jake liked doing that, then he told her to go and lie down with Sandy who jumped up and started licking her, she lay down and opened her legs so he could lick her pussy.

Linda has become Leos total slave and will do what ever he wants. Linda 2 This is the continuing story about my wife Linda, if you read the first story you will know she wished to become a sex slave and became the property of a Jamaican called Leo Pierre. She still works and lives with me but is available to Leo any evening if he wants but on Friday night he takes her to his place until Sunday evening.

As per her slave contract she has to remain naked in his presence at all times and never wear underwear when she is at work. He had her marked by a tattoo on her mons and vulva with his name. Sunday, the day after our first get together, Tommy called me to set up our next date.

Free sex storys

Well this could get interesting. If nothing else I should get a good nights sleep afterward. By the time Wednesday morning rolled around I was good and horny. Free Sex Stories Show stories in.

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Suzanne gets a birthday surprise Group Sex Hardcore Fetish My birthday is in mid May, which happens to coincide with graduations and finals and all kinds of fun college things. We met during Covid Gay Male Anal First Time I spend time browsing the ads on doublelist, usually flakes that are just wanting to chat, and honestly that has been me at times too. Posted by robinrobin 6 hours ago Stay at Home Order Gay Male As his balls are slapping his friends ass while his cock is in his friends hole he's in and out with his hard cock,My state has a Stay at Home order during the virus,I started 2 days ago and have only watched Vintage Gay Movies.

Beautifully shaped ass Anal I woke up to the sound of the rain beating against my window. Spa stay at a top hotel and a dinner Hardcore As a treat my husband had booked a spa stay at a top hotel and a dinner etc. Posted by Couple46 8 hours ago Cathy Gets Double Blacked Interracial Sex We'd been on the road for seven hours, and though we'd hoped to make it all the way home from our trip in one day, it was becoming clear that we'd need a place to stay for the night.

Posted by golfer 9 hours ago Posted by Wesleyd 10 hours ago Tommy Pt.

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