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With the rise of cable television, these gems became easier and easier to see. We pity the fool who watched any of these with their mom in the room. Not so much a film about strippers as a film about strippers starring Jessie from Saved by the Bell. The sex scene with Kyle MacLachlan is as confusing as it is awkward. But when it came out, all anyone focused on was the sex.

If you convince women to wear a brutal torture cage like a corset, it's not much of a stretch to convince them that you, as a manly man, can run the world while they just have the occasional fainting spell over the slightest of controversies.

Back in your grandpa's day, waaaaay before the Internet was just a byte of code in Al Gore's optical repository, men got their rocks off to pin-up girls and movie starlets.

Fat teen incest

Marilyn ranged from size 8 to 14 throughout her career. She had sex with baseball players, politicians, and a President. She starred in many movies and was famous all over the world.

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Screen goddess of the 40's, Rita was one of the most recognized sex symbols in Hollywood. She married a bunch of guys, including a prince. Also, she was the chick your grandpa fapped to in the trenches during WWII. One of the first starlets to help coin the phrase "sweater kittens".

Turner stood at 5'3", weighing about pounds.

Model Blasts Plane Passenger on Instagram After She Says He Fat-Shamed Her

The guy trying to carry her was Mr. Universe back in Look at the strain in his muscles and the grimace on his face: he can barely lift her!

As the great Bob Dylan once opined: "the times, they are-a rapidly becoming more different, and not for the better. We've seen three examples of timeless movie stars in the 40's and 50's that could never make it in Hollywood today.

However, there must be some fat actresses working in Hollywood that can still get Old Glory to salute, right? Okay, to clarify: the mainstream media says there are plenty of fat actresses out there. Remember how Marilyn Monroe got up to size 14 sometimes, but was still considered to be the most bangable chick in the world?

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Tyra Banks, former supermodel, got blasted in for the disgusting offence of displaying her swimsuited fat ass in public. Come on, there were people on that beach, and paparazzi hiding in the trees! Show some dignity, woman!

'Sleepovers' With My 9-Year-Old Daughter

Oh, and for Tyra's height 5'10" pounds makes her about a size Smaller than Marilyn by at least one size. Jennifer Love Hewitt was also caught in full pixellated glory blatantly showing off her fatness in Hawaii in The tabloids jumped all over this pictureslamming JLH for daring to draw attention away from her majestic rack by getting fat.

JLH stands at 5'2" and ranges from under pounds to up to 7 pounds heavier than Lana Turner.

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She was ridiculed in the New York times as being a "big girl" and not in the patronizing-to-a-female-toddler type of way. She's not even close to Marilyn's or Tyra Banks' sizes, yet she considered going on a diet in response to the flame war the Times started.

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Luckily, she ignored the trolls and decided not to diet, letting us all continue to fast forward through the PVR to get a glimpse of her character's Rackzilla. Fear not, lovely ladies, there are still men out there who appreciate the surrender into the softly scented pillowed form of a Fat Girl. If you are one of the few men willing to stand up and loudly proclaim your worship for a true woman, here are a few ideas to get you started on converting others.

Viva la revolution! With rulings by Spain and England's fashion modelling authoritiesanorexic models may eventually be on their way out. Enter the plus-sze model. Laughably, with the average North American woman being a size 14 or larger, the plus-size model is one who is size 8 or larger. However ridiculous their title may be, these women at least prove that "fat" girls are gorgeous.

Chloe Marshall : size kickin' ass and getting phone numbers. This plus-size model from England went all "fuck y'all" on the British beauty pageant industry, entering pretty much every contest they had.

She eventually won 2nd place in the Miss England contest. She could have won 1st place by exposing the hot, naked affair the winner was having with an egg beater and a car battery, but Chloe was too busy fucking lots of hot guys. Lizzie Miller : size Lizzie did a shoot for the September issue of - magazine. These pics caused a shitstorm of controversy: Lizzie was called "too fat" to be a model, and others bitched she wasn't fat enough to be a plus size model.

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Aside from that, the comments about her stomach roll ranged from "she's beautiful, who cares" to "mffffhfkwjhaiufwjaascdkskkkgghhhhhh". Toccara Jones : 5'9", pounds. She's so smokin' hot, Klansmen would give up their hoods and join the Million Man March just for a chance to motorboat those funbags.

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If these pictures weren't enough to get you worked up, how about something a little more naked? Please enter your email address and you'll receive a verification link to proceed. NSFW 1. Showgirls Not so much a film about strippers as a film about strippers starring Jessie from Saved by the Bell.

The Best Extreme Videos on the internet. DailyHaHa Extreme Videos are ated every day for almost 10 years bringing you the best funny extreme videos from all over the internets. Apr 01,   I was fairly popular in school, most people knew me to be the funny fat girl. That's not what they called me, but that is who I was. My main crew was a mix of girls and guys, and we would hang out at my house after school since my mom was not home. My dad left the house when I was six, and my parents divorced a few years later. Child fucks his mother and yells at him to stop. More details. Title.

Portlandia Oh Brockmire Brockmire Season 2 Trailer. Watch More.

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Create a new password. Your password has been changed. Sign In. Select an account Sign in Sign Up. Most of these nights, my daughter asks me to sing her to sleep, and I bask in the glory that at this point in her life, she still thinks I can sing like Adele.

Take an informal poll of other parents, and you may discover that unique sleeping arrangements are not unusual.

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Several single, divorced mothers have confessed to me that they let their kids sleep with them. And then you have parents who have taken the Ferber Method so seriously that the mere thought of having their kid in bed with them sends them straight to the child psychologist.

I am going to blink twice, and my 9-year-old, who already practices rolling her eyes at me like a sassy-pants teenager, is going to have absolutely zero interest in hanging out with me, much less participate in a sleepover.

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