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Another Actress Claims President George H.W. Bush Groped Her

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Trump said he likes to grab women by the pussy, Obama used flying robots to murder Americans and foreign civilians extrajudicially, Bush started an illegal war and torture program, Clinton is a rapist, Bush Sr. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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Note: Although these excerpts do not contain footnotes, the book itself is heavily footnoted and exhaustively sourced. A particular memo caught his eye, and he leaned in for a closer look. Practically jumping off the screen was a memorandum from FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, dated November 29, George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency. Kennedy might herald a change in U. McBride shook his head. George H. In the CIA in ?

Dealing with Cubans and the JFK assassination?

Nov 13,   However, and I may be incredibly naive here, I can't imagine George H. Bush in grabbing a woman's ass in public, in front of her husband. Like my dad, he's been making the slow slide toward senility and this unacceptable behavior may be an unfortunate byproduct. My dad wasn't an ass grabber, buy he did other really odd stuff habitually. Nov 13,   Yes, we knew that George H.W. Bush was ass grabbing in his wheelchair, blaming it on being at ass height. And he also told the worst dad joke ever when he did Eric Karnes. Oct 24,   With the election only two months away, and a growing sense of urgency in some quarters, George William Bush acknowledged under oath - as part of a deposition in a lawsuit brought by a nomedicalassistantcolleges.comofit group seeking records on Bush's past - that he was the junior officer on a three- to four-man watch shift at CIA headquarters between September and February , which was on .

Could this be the same man who was now vice president of the United States? Even when Bush was named CIA director in amid much agency-bashing, his primary asset had been the fact that he was not a part of the agency during the coups, attempted coups, and murder plots in Iran, Cuba, Chile, and other hot spots about which embarrassing information was being disclosed every day in Senate hearings.

For CIA director Bush, there had been much damage to control. The decade from to had seen one confidence-shaking crisis after another.

There was the Kennedy assassination and the dubious accounting of it by the Warren Commission. Then came the revelations of how the CIA had used private foundations to channel funds to organizations inside the United States, such as the National Student Association.

Howard Hunt and their shadowy misdoings. Americans were getting the sense of a kind of sanctioned underground organization, operating outside the law and yet protected by it. Then President Gerald Ford, who had ascended to that office when Richard Nixon resigned, fired William Colby, the director of the CIA, who was perceived by hard-liners as too accommodating to congressional investigators and would-be intelligence reformers.

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Now Ford had named George H. Bush to take over the CIA. But Bush seemed wholly unqualified for such a position - especially at a time when the agency was under maximum scrutiny. He had been U.

George H.W. Bush: Ass-grabber

What experience did he have in the world of intelligence and spying? How would he restore public confidence in a tarnished spy agency? No one seemed to know. Bush served at the CIA for one year, from early to early He worked quietly to reverse the Watergate-era reforms of CIA practices, moving as many operations as possible offshore and beyond accountability.

Although a short stint, it nevertheless created an image problem in when Bush ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination against former California governor Ronald Reagan.

Some critics warned of the dangerous precedent in elevating someone who had led the CIA, with its legacy of dark secrets and covert plots, blackmail and murder, to preside over the United States government. Bush was now a recently reelected vice president a famously powerless positionand McBride himself was busy with other things. Joe McBride decided to make the leap from entertainment reportage to politics. He picked up the phone and called the White House.

McBride had to settle for Stephen Hart, a vice presidential spokesman. Hart denied that his boss had been the man mentioned in the memo, quoting Bush directly. McBride found the response troubling - rather detailed for a ritual non-denial.


It almost felt like a cover story that Bush was a bit too eager to trot out. He returned to Hart with more questions for Bush:. Within half an hour, Hart called him back. The spokesman now declared that, though he had not spoken with Bush, he would nevertheless answer the questions himself. Hart said that the answer to the first question was no, and, therefore, the other two were moot.

George H.W. Bush apologizes after allegations of inappropriate touching

I doubt that very much. In any event, we have a standard policy of not confirming that anyone is involved in the CIA. But it appears this standard policy was made to be broken. Certainly, the article caused George H. Bush no major headaches. The assertion was reported by several news outlets, with no comment about the irony of a vaunted intelligence agency - with a staff of thousands and a budget of billions - being unable to locate a former employee within American borders.

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Not only was the man findable; he was still on the U. By this George Bush was working as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration. He explained to McBride that he had worked only briefly at the CIA, as a GS-5 probationary civil servant, analyzing documents and photos during the night shift. Moreover, he said, he had never received interagency briefings. Several years later, informer Texas Observer editor David Armstrong would track down the other person listed on the Hoover memo, Captain William Edwards.

George bush ass

Edwards could confirm that he had been on duty at the Defense Intelligence Agency the day in question. He said he did not remember this briefing, but that he found the memo plausible in reference to a briefing he might have received over the phone while at his desk.

Based on the above, it is my conclusion that I am not the Mr.

Oct 27,   A third woman is accusing former President George H.W. Bush of grabbing her backside - and making the same corny "David Cop-a-Feel" joke . Dec 05,   A number of women have come forth in recent years, claiming that Bush had also touched their hindquarters during photo HEAVEN - Just hours after passing through the Pearly Gates, 41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush .

George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency referred to in the memorandum. But yet another decade would pass before this second document would be found, readand revealed to the public. Fast-forward to Decemberon a day when JFK researcher Jerry Shinley sat, as he did on so many days, glued to his computer, browsing through the digitized database of documents on the Web site of the Mary Ferrell Foundation.

Dated November 29,it reported, in typically spare terms, the revelation that the man who was about to become the head of the CIA actually had prior ties to the agency. By Lia Eustachewich. October 27, am ated October 27, pm. A third woman is accusing former President George H. Kline and her husband, David, greeted the wheelchair-bound Bush just before posing for a group photo. Instinctively, I swiped his hand away.

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The picture shows a smiling Kline standing on the right of the former president, his right arm hidden behind her. Bush spokesman Jim McGrath directed Slate to the statement issued earlier this week - after the elderly Republican was accused of groping two other women.

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To anyone he has offended, President Bush apologizes most sincerely. Kline said she decided to come forward because the two other women did.

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