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Congratulate, funny ass icons with you


September Damn, BadassBuddy You OLD! On Sep 24, , BadassBuddy will be 10 years old. A decade ago BadassBuddy. At times BadassBuddy was almost as impressive as the best xkcd ever!

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Search ID: aban Smart Ass cartoon 5 of Search ID: dfun Smart Ass cartoon 6 of Smart Asp Artist: Diesslin, Rich. Search ID: rdln Smart Ass cartoon 7 of Search ID: jcon Smart Ass cartoon 8 of Artist: Borowitz, Alexandra.

Search ID: WC Smart Ass cartoon 9 of Smart Ass cartoon 10 of Search ID: forn Smart Ass cartoon 11 of Artist: Shoenbill, Jim. Search ID: json Smart Ass cartoon 12 of See you at 2pm.

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Search ID: dbsn Smart Ass cartoon 13 of Smart Ass cartoon 14 of Smartassphone Artist: Hill, Spencer. Search ID: shin Smart Ass cartoon 15 of Search ID: rman Smart Ass cartoon 16 of Search ID: wson Smart Ass cartoon 17 of Why, at home. Search ID: rmon Advanced Internets in distant parts of the Universe are collaborating to introduce Earth's Internet into the universal network of interplanetary Spacewebsbeaming data from galaxy to galaxy like a super fast dial-up modem In some cases your emails may get bounced back to you before you even send them thanks to black holes and Spock manning the email server.

Global Warming has decided to take a vacation bring back something cool! December Holiday Times!

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Holidays: " hall uh daze" n : time away from school, presents, free food Christmas Buddy Icons and Avatars. October 19, Halloween Strategy Time!

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Get that last minute sheet-over-the-head ghost costume worked out so that you're mentally ready to accept gobs of candy from strangers.

Make sure everybody in your neighborhood is Tweeting on Halloween so that you can determine where the best candy is in the neighborhood in real time. Go straight to the house that has the best candy, making sure to bring with you an empty pillow case, and strategically work your way back home hitting all the good spots, thereby minimizing time away from the PC.

Dave Chappelle's Funny Ass Shit

Good luck! Happy Halloween!

Funny ass icons

September 24, Happy Birthday BadassBuddy! How will we celebrate nearly a decade of BadassBuddy antics? By staying up all night long chatting on the Internet, of course!

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July 3, Happy 4th of July! Barbecuesparadesand fireworksOH MY!

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Have a wonderful Independence Day and long weekend, IM'ers! Peep the preview here. May 22, Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Fire up the grill and pay your respect to the badass military personnel who have sacrificed their lives to protect the USA! February 8, Get Your Love On!

@huy wanted to flip tables, so he built Emojicons. Enjoy! Feb 6, - Explore jimnorris's board "funny-ass pictures" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Funny, I laughed and Humor.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner so if you've got a sig-other, you'd better start figuring out what's going to make or break your relationship on V-Day!

And if you're single, embrace it!

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Love isn't always an easy walk in the park. Oftentimes it's more like a sketchy drive down a steep mountain with unreliable breaks and a flat tire. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Away Messages. Midnight Walk 10,

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